1. are you coming back?
    ukronia qua/will sōderberg...

  2. music to rewire your brain
    ukronia quartet/will sōderberg...

  3. wood & tin

  4. dead bugs eat live skin
    5o% beam splitter

  5. volume iv: violinsploitation
    mike khoury/will soderberg...

  6. ragdale music 4: pièce s'exercer
    hanna brock & will soderberg...

  7. tips for the space tourists
    brekekekexkoaxkoax & will soderberg...

  8. ragdale music o: 2o14 videographic scores
    will soderberg/articular facet...

  9. ragdale music 3: uncharted streams
    will soderberg...with sam bradshaw & deirdre harrison...

  10. vermont home recordings: solo improvisations, volume iii
    elijah shephard church

  11. ragdale music 2: root & branch
    will soderberg... & ragdale music players

  12. ragdale music 1: 2o16 videographic scores
    will soderberg... & ragdale music players

  13. vermont home recordings: volume two, solo improvisations
    elijah shephard church

  14. vermont home recordings: volume one, solo improvisations
    elijah shephard church

  15. mésalliance excentrique
    hanna brock & will soderberg...

  16. aught-twa
    chris petersen/will soderberg...

  17. avant-garde superhero myth
    hanna brock/christopher riggs/will soderberg...

  18. two birds meet one stone
    eric cook/will sōderberg...

  19. out duos for modern muses

  20. heterophobic officers
    mike burridge/steev thompson/will soderberg...

  21. red hand
    steev thompson/will soderberg...

  22. ghost box anomalies

  23. outsiders looking inward
    [an outer limits guitar compilation]

  24. stalking shekinah
    [international experimental electronic compilation focusing on the works of female artists]

  25. monkey machine
    monkey machine

  26. industrial collaborators

  27. fetal brain tissue experiments

  28. die weisse rose lässt euch keine ruhe

  29. dark artifacts

  30. psycho-au-gogo
    norm bates


the white rose network Des Plaines, Illinois

a collective dedicated to the production, promotion and distribution of independent art projects participating in the competition of ideas [since 1986]

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